What is donate.gop?

The donate.gop online fundraising tool is the first of its kind - dedicated to performing as both a service for raising money through your home website, and also as a marketing platform through the website donate.gop.

With the lowest rates on the Internet, increased exposure through multiple channels, and proceeds put right back into the GOP, this tool allows you to truly invest in your beliefs.

Approval is fast, usually within minutes, and you will have your own donate page and widget to get started raising the funds necessary to advance your cause!


What does joining donate.gop cost?

Only 2.9% + $0.30/transaction + monthly price below*

*The small fee for each transaction is to help us process the payment at cost through a secure third-party.


How do I join donate.gop?

It's easy! Candidates, organizations, PACs, or anyone raising money online who wishes to benefit from the media attention surrounding the launch can join immediately. We're anxious to begin sending donations your way so please email support@join.gop to get started!


What happens when I join donate.gop?

You are given a widget for your site to encourage visitors to contribute to your campaign or cause.

Your picture or logo is featured on donate.gop where we encourage our visitors to donate to you.

Your account begins to fill up and with our unique, low pricing structure, the more you raise the more you keep! No more large percentages being taken from your successful fundraising – we're a service by the GOP for the GOP!