What is Donate.gop?

Donate.gop is a cost efficient donation platform built for conservative campaigns and causes that makes it easy and inexpensive to accept payments on a custom Donate.gop page or on your website. Our service can replace the traditional model of sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers. And it also replaces other more expensive commercial donation platforms that don’t have the interests of the Republican party at their core like us.  And for donors Donate.gop is a place where you can find conservative campaigns and causes across the United States that share your ideals.  And donors can be assured that ALL the money they are donating is going to help the conservative cause!

Who can take donations on Donate.gop?

Donate.gop is limited to conservative campaigns and causes. 

How much does it cost to take donations on Donate.gop?

Donate.gop is free to setup and charges a small monthly fee + credit card fees (2.9% + 30 cents) for each donation processed.  The monthly fee is based on the type of organization:

Why is Donate.gop so inexpensive?

Donate.gop was built to help the Republican Party, not make money for an outside commercial entity.  The 2.9% + $.30 is exactly what our costs are from the credit card processing network and the monthly subscription fee is to pay for our servers, web traffic and maintaining the platform.

Is it easy to get signed up?

Yes!  Your finance person should be able to complete the application in around 5 minutes and approval is usually instant or within minutes.

Will my donations using Donate.gop be compliant with my state or federal election requirements?

Yes. There are dedicated fields to enter your disclaimer information.  If you have any questions we can try to help by sending an email to support@donate.gop

Do I need to cancel my existing donate platform?

No.  Donate.gop can replace your existing donation system but you can simply have a page on Donate.gop and capture the enthusiasm of being with other like minded organizations.

How quickly will I get my money?

Donate.gop gets your money to you fast!  Most transactions are transferred to your bank within 2 days!  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions are deposited into your bank account in 2 business days. American Express transactions are typically deposited in 4 days or less.

What kind of payments can I accept with Donate.gop?

Donate.gop merchants can accept most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club.

Are my donors safe with Donate.gop?

Donate.gop is PCI compliant and all donations made through Donate.gop are safe and secure.

What features are in the back-end of Donate.gop?

Donate.gop is a zero compromise online donation platform with these cutting edge features and more:

  • Campaign tracking to know where your donations are coming from
  • Detailed custom online reports
  • Excel spreadsheet downloads for compliance reporting
  • Maps and graphs for one glance reporting
  • Multiple login levels for different members in your organization
  • Easy editor to customize your donation page on Donate.gop including custom donation amounts
  • Advanced editor with HTML/CSS support for advanced users
  • Easy to use compliance editors to make sure you have the proper disclaimers on your donation page


What about donors, will they be able to view and manage their own donations?

Yes.  When a new donor clicks the box to create a Donate.gop account they can can see all their donations to anyone on Donate.gop.  And if they have recurring transactions they can manage or change the credit card on file.

Will Donate.gop be adding new features?

Yes, we have plans to add APIs to connect to compliance reporting for hands off database updating.  We will also be always watching feedback from our donors and users to constantly improve Donate.gop